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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have been on "blog" vacation

Dixie reprimanded me for not writing in my blog. I guess once you start, you legally can't stop.
I told her all quiet on the Western Front, didn't know what to say. . . here goes anyway:
snow melting, lots of brown, red and green things showing up now, and I can see just how many branches came down in storm. Rain good.
Heard today that the Holbrooke Hotel is the latest "econ" casualty- will close it's doors very soon. How sad. Such a historic place, and how many jobs lost?
NID will raise water rates 5% a year over the next 5 yrs (whew, 25% total). Only customer complaints could have stopped this action, (I guess you should read those water bill inserts). There goes my plan for a grassy knoll . . .
Drew Gooden (NBA) just got traded by Chicago Bulls to Sacramento Kings. Drew is from El Cerrito (my home town) and I have known him since the was only 4' tall, (he's a 6'10" forward now). While I was desperately seeking tickets online to a Kings game, the hubby called out, "never mind" he just reinjured his groin, first night playing with the Kings. Not sure when he'll play again. Cancel ticket purchase . . . Don't you love the information era? Oh yeah, Michael Jordan was there co-managing the visitor, Charlotte Bulldogs. OHHHH, Michael.

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