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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow, is it every beautiful here today

The sun finally showed its face yesterday, and today was glorious. We grabbed the snowshoes and went to big lake thinking we would need them to make it to the beach. No need. The snow is all piled up in the middle of the lot, and only an inch or so on the ground. Saw 2 boats out on the lake, and wished we had brought kayaks instead of snowshoes. The asphalt is showing on all the roads, and the hill is easy day and night. No weather due for a few more days.
Big bash at the Foundry this weekend for MardiGras. Costume party Saturday night (Pirate theme) and hopefully the parade Sunday. I will be a bar wench, serving up demon alcohol. Come on down!
Talked to Toni down on Nuggett, and she said she stayed home for 9 whole days during the storms. We thought we had the record with 5 days. Saw lots of folks moving about the shores today catching the sun.
In my quest to see all the Academy Award Nominees, saw The Reader yesterday. Wow. You could hear a pin drop when it ended, and not a word spoken as people filed out of the theatre. It really brings up lots of emotion and conflicted feelings. If you love drama's, don't miss this one.

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