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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I went down to review the supply of books at the exchange (the file cabinet by door of firehouse). We definitely need new/interesting books. Had to throw out the many that got wet this winter. If you have books to donate, EXPECIALLY KIDS BOOKS, please give me a call or drop them by my house (corner of Pasquale and BQH Hill, 15855 BQH Rd to be exact). I will gladly put them on the shelf when we are sure it's done raining for the year. Also welcome are magazines, periodicals. Please, no encyclopedia's or out of date/tech books. The exchange is used by many, and it's a great feeling to see kids and others perusing the shelves in the summertime, when getting to a library is and extra trip to town (the kids are kinda landlocked here in C.S.). Thanks for your donations.

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