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Friday, July 3, 2009

movies that make you squirm

I went to the last showing at the Del Oro of Taking of Pelham 123. Now, I adored the original with Walter Matteau and Robert Shaw, and did not expect to be thrilled again. But let me tell you, Travolta was INTENSE as the bad guy, playing to Denzel Washington's good guy. I was on the edge of my seat even knowing the basic plot. Great job with the action Ridley Scott (director) and an interesting "updated" script. If you didn't catch it at the movies, and you like to squirm, rent it! Today me and hubby went to Public Enemies, the Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger. It was good, he's wonderful to look at, but didn't have near the impact of Pelham.
I got a call today from Dave's Sierra Firewood advertising discount on early wood orders. I love your oak wood Dave, but PLEASSSE, I can't think about winter right now! Gonna be a perfect weekend for the lake. The kayaks are permanently loaded on the truck and we're off to the water. Stay cool ya'll.

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