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Sunday, October 4, 2009

CSHA Electing a new Board for 2010/are you interested?

Well, the years pass quickly, don't they. The HomeOwners Board terms are expiring after the 2009 season, and we will look forward to electing (hopefully) new blood in 2010. Myself, I have been on the board in some capasity for I think 6 years. It's been fun, educational and I've managed to make lots of lasting friendships thru the process. Hopefully, we've all helped create lots of change and improvements here in the Shores. But it is time for Kent Rees, (Pres) Caroline Inglis (Secretary) Robert Crabb, (VP, and former Pres) and myself, along with others to move on to some other challenges. So, if you are even remotely interested in seeking a volunteer position on the board, please come down to the 10/7 meeting at the Firehouse at 6:30. Check out the process and positions up for election. It's important that the Board change periodically in order to bring those new fresh iteas to light and frutation. If you can't make that meeting, try the first Wed in November, or call Kent at 265-6114 with your questions, or submit your name to the roster of candidates.
Well, the themostat tells me Fall is officially here. Hard to remember basking in 90 degrees a week ago. I walked the NID ditch the other day, and the leaves are rapidly turning yellow and red. I'm buggin out for Chicago, Boston and Cape Cod, looking for the peak fall color. Should return right around the time Nevada City is at it's peak. I'll try to check in and tell you how things are in that part of the country. Enjoy this beautiful crisp weather, and talk to you soon!
The book exchange has to be moved inside soon. Please go grab your winter selections. Someone left boxes and boxes of great VHS movies! They gotta go! Also, what deadbeat left a old full size mattress by the Firehouse door???? Why to people want to make their trash someone else's responsiblity? Baaaaad neighbor!!!! Shame. Someone want to be a good samaritan and take it to the dumps next time they go??????

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