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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love that Dirty Water

Back from Boston. If you're my age, you remember that song (Love that dirty water, Boston you're my home). Let me tell ya, no dirty water there. Boston is clean as a whistle (how clean is a whistle anyway) and I loved every second of the 2 1/2 days there. Hit all the landmarks, Paul Revere's house, North Church (oldest) where the lantern was hung, Green Dragon Pub (constitution and revolutionary war papers drawn), the harbor, the incredible North End with Italian bakeries to die for. If there were important decisions or papers to be written, our forefathers did it at a pub over beer. Visited many cemetaries where all the statemen and pilgrams and even our first freed slaves were buried, and pirates hung. The historical bars are not even tourist traps! They serve real food, at real prices, and hardly had anyone in them! 4 days on Cape Cod proved educational and charming as all hell. The beautiful colonial, saltbox cape coddy homes on huge expanses of lawn, and bungalows and mansions alike overlooking the bay were nothing but perfect. We were the guests at beautiful Morgan's Way B&B (relatives of my sisters) and they pointed us the right way to ProvenceTown and Chatham where shopkeepers could not be more friendly and talkative. By the way, we found Bostonians to be hands down the WORST direction givers ever. However, my sister Jackie and I loved their accents, to we asked for directions even if we didn't need them, just to hear folks talk. They would point at a spot where 4 streets came together, and say, "youz should just go datta way, (???) take 2 lefs, maybe 3 rights, and it should be on yer left, or maybe yer right." Oh yeah, good luck with that. This happened MANY times. The transit system is great, just pay $2 and ride anywhere in the system, including transfering to shuttles to airport, etc. We actually got hit by not one, but 2 "noreaster's" (always wanted to use that term) and a house on a beach near us was swept into the sea by the storm out on the cape. Well, back home now, so time to catch up!

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