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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my cousin Sally

just called to ask why I'm not blogging anymore. Well, my desktop computer was acting up (despite the many talks we had about that) and my new laptop wasn't connected yet. But now I'm connected and WIRELESS for the first time in my life . . . so, back in business. Sally, who lives in Atlanta, Ga. says she likes to read about our "small town living." So this is for you Sal.
Today is Keith and Patricia's last day owning Cascade Shores General Store. The new owners will be giving it a go in the very new future. I plan to go get the "skinny" from them as soon as I see life there . . . curious what their business plan will be.
My friends Shera and Terry took me to town for birthday lunch today. We walked Mill St. in GV to get into the Christmas mood. Man, those stores change hands often, as we visited a half dozen shops I didn't know were there. Anyway, went into the Bamboo store. Have you had a chance to feel the fabric they make from bamboo? Heavenly!!! There is a specialty store on Mill by Main "Florio's" owned by a young local guy, Neil Sarchett. He has a wonderful selection of olive oil and flavored balsamic vinegar that you can taste test. The pear, fig, and strawberry balsamic's were good enough to drink! We bought some and even dip bread into in instead of butter or oil, or dress a salad with no need for oil. He bottles it for you right out of the jugs. It makes a great gift. Yuba Blue if just full of wonderful new gift items. Their buyer sure has a good eye.
If you weren't here, we got our first snow last Friday. Funny, it snowed on the lake side of store, but not over here on our side. Mike Inglis told me he was moving his boat to town when it came down, and almost didn't make it out Pasquale for the slipping and sliding.
Phil and I were just coming down the steep part of the big hill the other day when a medium sized bear jumped in front of us crossing the road. That part of the hill is a regular bear crossing, so be careful out there. He was sure fat and jiggly, and quite beautiful. I don't think our bears hibernate, they seem to be active all winter.
Propane season is here. Remember, if you want to save 20-30% on your Suburban bill, join the CSHA and you'll get the member discount.
Thaaaaat's all folks. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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