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Friday, December 11, 2009


Got a few inquiries on the power outage, so I did some snooping. Here is what Kent Rees tells me (he lives across the street from me, also on the "flight line.")
Sunday at about 1pm, a Suburu Forrester with 2 adult males came over the hill (which was not indicated as "closed") and soon lost control, careening down the hill and hit the power pole at Joel Meghills house (the last house on right as you go up hill). They hit so hard that though they severed the pole, their car continued to hold it in place. Could have been worse, as they may have been crushed or electrocuted if the pole had fallen. PGE came out and determined that the car was supporting the pole, so brought a truck with boom in to further stabilize the pole until a new one could be installed on Monday. The power was out for about 4 hrs while they did that work. On Monday, about 4pm, they came out with a new pole, and transferred the lines. This took power down for another 4-5 hours. Kent said though the men were a bit sore and rattled by the accident, they stayed and TRIED to control traffic while emergency crews tried to do repairs. The hill was closed completely on both ends Monday while the new pole was installed. The personal toll is really unfortunate, as Kent said that the two were coming down to CS for one more load of house items, as their house was in foreclosure, and they were moving. Also, the Suburu was their only vehicle at this time. So, if you had a better week than these guys, count your blessing. Again, the hill was technically "Open" when they arrived at the top. The county cannot always get out here right away to turn the sign to closed, especially when conditions can worsen by the minute. Don't be one of the big hill statistics.
This report dedicated to Roy.

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