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Monday, March 8, 2010

New Goddess of the Lake

At the CSHA meeting last week, the outgoing members unofficially handed their duties to the soon to be confirmed members. My job as Supervisor of Lost Mine Lake (I prefer to be referred to as Goddess of the Lake) has been joyfully handed over to Pam Herrenkohl. Pam also works for County of Nevada, rescues Great Danes, has a big beautiful family and LOVES Cascade Shores. She'll do a great job. She's on facebook and has a great profile page if you want to know more. Chuck Jaffe is taking over my duties as Web content manager. Chuck is one half of Chuck and Marvina, 2 of the most fun and interesting people I have met here in the shores. He is also the film reviewer for The Union, & produces his CampChuck Reviewer annual movie newsletter. I know he'll keep the website fresh and interesting, with the assistance of Walt, our great Webmaster (Walt is invisible, kind of a wizard of Oz guy, that you never actually meet, as he lives in cyber-space, or Yuba City, same difference). Chuck has a facebook profile too if you want to check him out. Harry Wander (our roads dude) will take over the Presidency from Kent Rees. Kent's term was very successful, and he totally got our budget under control amongst other important accomplishments. I'll report more on the changes after the annual meeting.
I'm planning on continuing this blog, maintain the Firehouse book exchange, and attend Lake events and such as a visitor. I think I've been with the Board in come capacity for 8 years, so it's time to lay off and give other folks a chance to make things happen. I've had a lot of fun, it's been a lot of work, but I just love this community, and look forward to seeing what the new Board will tackle.
Snow gone, but it's still c-o-l-d out there. 30 degrees this morning. Brian Harrison, of Harrison Construction, who did an amazing living room addition on our house a year and a half ago (that long already) is ripping out our old bathroom and making us a shiny new one now. We have a nice gaping hole to the crawl space for a few days, and that makes it even COLDER in the house. Oh well, ya gotta break eggs to make an omelete, right? Brian's the best, and big fun to work with, and I can't wait to see the end product. If you have any construction needs, he's THE MAN!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Denise! The new board has some tall shoes to fill. The outgoing board had done a great job. We appreciate all of your hard work for the community.