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Monday, April 12, 2010

Blame ME for the snow

Yes, it's my fault. I went and bought bedding plants on Saturday. Never fails. Plant flowers and it will snow. Like washing your car hoping it won't rain. No such luck. Anyway, by my count, today is the 3rd snow since the dogwoods bloomed, so this is it, right?
So I went to Scooters Pals "adoptathon" on Saturday at Incredible Pets. My last words to Phil were, "don't get your britches in a knot, I won't bring a dog home." I was there to volunteer to hold pups and make them super appealing so people would want to take them home. They taped for TV, it was fun, and we ate donuts and drank Starbucks. Then it happened. Some poor little Puganese (Pug and Pekingese) has been returned from a hopeful home as "unsuitable" and he was scared S_ _ _ less, and pathetic, and BEAUTIFUL, and I just HAD to comfort him, and I just had to bring him to my house, so he could learn wonderful things from my NEUROTIC beasts. Oh yes, I will waive my magic wand and make him friendly, and cozy, and lovable and people across the land will hear about him, and they will line up to submit an application! At least, that's what we're hoping . . . . Phils britches are in a knot . . . . . This is actually one sweet little dog. If you are interested in meeting him, or know anyone that might want a beautiful little companion dog, please give me a call at 265-8680. Go to and click on adoptable dogs, look for Beau. He's the beauty on the right above. He doesn't take up much space, and loves being warm and cozy inside. Today may have been his first snow experience, and he LOVED it. When he's real happy her runs in circles with complete abandon.


  1. Why do I have the feeling Beau has already found his forever home? What's one more? I think I said that to myself a Dane or two ago. LOL!

  2. LOL all you want Pammy, but more than 2 and I'm afraid I'm on my way to CRAZY DOG LADY LAND.

  3. Beau looks very much like our rescue, a Tibetan spaniel (checks them out online at Are you sure he's Puganese?

  4. Crazy Dog Lady Land is a fun place! Come on in the water's fine...

  5. you are my hero, denise! did you ever find a home for it? or is phil still a reluctant host?