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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, that was a doozy!

My my, the snow just kepta comin! There is about a foot on the ground, though it is the nice fluffy stuff, not the cement we got in November. The power has been iffy, and in fact was just restored at 5pm today (Sat) after going out in the wee hours last night. We woke up at 3am to fireworks here at the corner of BQH and Pasquale, when the a power wire snapped on the transformer. Fireworks and flames for about 10 minutes, looked like a lovely roman candle. Bill Carter saw the light from a block behind on Nugget St. Took out power, cable, phone. We called the fire department, and they said they were on the way, but had to wait for the plow to clear the road for them to come in from NCity. Very exciting. But lovely blue skies shined thru today (what is that bright blue stuff above, and that light?????). Plow has done a great job of keeping the big hill clear. Personally, I have been in bed since Monday with the worst flu/grunge EVER, and let the whole mess stack up inside and out. Just feeling human today.
Met a guy clearing driveways with his fancy Kabota. HIs name is Ken Bilderback, and you can reach him at 530-400-7979 for snow removal. Very nice. Drove here from Grass Vally to help us out and make a few bucks. Keep that number handy! Angels sent him . . . . . .


  1. We were actually prepared for this one with wood and candles. It was actually quite nice!

  2. Sorry we missed 'Mother Nature' at her best! We were just up there (Feb.12,13,14 & 15) and were hoping for snow.

    Cathy S.

  3. My son here in Cascade Shores has a plow and can be hired to plow driveways too. You can call Chris 530-264-6754.

  4. Careful while driving pasquale road during snowy weather. My husband and I met up with a car that had gone over the side on saturday AM and we had to help them get out. The only thing holding the 4x4 up was packed snow. They could have fallen down the mountain side 300+ feet, but got lucky that day. A young girl behind us wanted to pass on the unsafe section which was blocked by a huge box truck and several cars. She was very rude and upset she couldn't pass, and didn't have the experience driving the road to get her truck turned around; so she had to wait. People, be patient, pasquale isn't the safest road and when you see a car over the side, don't just assume you can just drive around without problem. Your life may not be worth anything but mine is!