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Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Mercury and Jake

Having 4 dogs in the house right now (my 2, plus 2 fosters) a neighborhood leash walk just doesn't tire them out enough. So, we've been driving the EXACTLY one mile from the store down Pasquale to the NID gate, and taking that road (ignore the no trespassing signs, they just don't want vehicles to take the road). See the small parking lot on your right. It's a great hike that takes you alongside the lake, over the dam spillway, and into the (empty at this time of year) campground on the other side of lake. The dogs just love it, and they are guaranteed to sleep the rest of the day after that 2-3 mile round trip. The lake is magnificent as usual, calm and cold, and clear as glass. The mirroring of the trees is so scenic and photogenic. I marvel at the beauty here each and every time.
Don't know if you've been following the Penn State sex scandal starring Coach Jerry Sandusky, but just heard on TV that they have located some of the child victims as they were named by Sandusky himself in his autobiography "Touched." Ewwww Jerry, really, "Touched." How'd ya come up with that title?
On a better note, did you catch the Bronco/Steelers game yesterday? What a finish. Tebow put em' away in a quick overtime ending with an 80 yard pass on the first snap and touchdown. Exciting. I'm no big regular season fan, but I do like the playoffs. Usually so much better than SuperBowl games. That was a great one. Can't wait for Bronco vs Patriots. Tebow's favorite passage from the bible is John, 316. Threw for 316 yards. Just a little Tebow factoid. He thanked his Savior Jesus first, and his defense 2nd. Might want to reverse that before the next game . . . .
I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I am gardening and doing yard work this time of year. No rain in the forecast for another 10 days. Unbelievable. Plus the lake isn't that low. Last years supercharge must have left us with a pretty good reserve in the upper dams.
The little house around the corner from me (I mean little, 650 sq ft) sold for $87K. It has a 1/2 acre I think, and a very nice 2 car garage. You can always add on. Someone got a great deal on that one. That's more than the empty lot would have cost you a few years ago. I think that's the lowest price I've seen yet around here.
So, if you know anyone dog shopping, I have a couple of great little fosters. Jake is a 10 lb Chihuahua mix,2 years young, rough and tough, loves everyone and everything. He Zumba dances, does lots of cute yoga stretches all day, and play's tug a war and chases balls. Likes the kitties, and minds very well. He would do well in a busy young family with other pets, or as a shop greeter dog. He's so beautiful. Looks like a baby harp seal.
Mercury is a Rat Terrier/Fox Terrier mix. About 13 lbs, and 8 years young. He's sweet and fun, and loves to run and play, and very affectionate. This is a great example of a great breed. Read up on em. He would do well in a mature household, though he was wonderful yesterday with 2 10 year old girls that played with him.
Please spread the word. Both are Scooters pals dogs and you can read about them and others on website. Both were rescued with EUTHANIZE written on their report card, due to overcrowding at Sacramento shelter. It's just a crime that these wonderful animals were scheduled to die because their owners could not live up to a lifetime commitment. When you adopt an animal you take a moral oath to do right by them, and if circumstances change and you absolutely can't keep them, FIND THEM A HOME. Dumping them at a shelter that kills 20-40 dogs every Friday is just not acceptable. Please, if you know of someone about to "dump" a dog or cat, call me. We'll make other arrangements.
Like BBQ? Smiley's has just opened in the Old Briarpatch space on Joersche Drive in Grass Valley (off Nevada City/Grass Valley highway). I'm hearing good things. Will check it out this week. There have never been enough good BBQ joints around here . . hope this pans out.
There is a raw food vegetarian place in Nevada City if that interests you. Next door to New Moon off Commercial St. I've heard good things about them too.
If you get on Las Katarina's mailing list (Mexican food on Broad St) they frequently send you 1/2 off coupons for mid week. Good deal, good food.
A few blogs ago I wrote about a pitty named Spot that was lost from his owner Stephan who lives on Pasquale. Spot turned up in someones yard about a mile from where he was lost. Met him at the polar bear plunge at the boat ramp. He's a darling boy. So glad he was reunited with Stephan. They looked very happy to be back together.

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