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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby it's cold outside

Well, the snow materialized starting 6ish last night. It's just beautiful, and actually not that cold. Just went out in my PJ's and bathrobe and shoveled about 2" of what I call "cotton ball" snow, cause when you shovel it it feels like tossing a shovel full of, yep, cottonballs. Hardly any water content, just wonderful soft fluffy stuff. Shoveled all 75 feet to the gate in about 3 minutes, honestly. It's gorgeous, and wonderfully quiet out there. The plow just made it's rounds, and though there is no real traffic out there, the roads look good. Looks to be a great tea and book day, or a March madnessathon, as long as power stays on. No wind or rain, so I'm thinking it will stay on. All in all this one is a beautiful end of winter gift, especially after that torrential rain.
There is still little snow coming down . . . . ..
No one comment on tips for cell phone service here. If you have any good advice, I'd sure like to share it**
Our foster dog, Freddie Mac (another foreclosure dog) is just a great little Doxie if you know anyone who appreciates these wonder dogs. He just loves hunting for rodents in the yard, and he loves snow, so the combo has him spending hours and hours in the yard trying to drive out the "intruders." These guys are amazing, and will stand silently over a gopher, mole or vole hole for like 30 minutes without moving. If the critters show themselves, boom, they are history! He's smart and cute, and not a fragile little thing. He's a good 20 lbs. If you know anyone looking for a great little hunter, check him on or, under Fred, aka Freddie Mac.
If you saw the crews a few weeks ago trimming the trees close to the streets, I asked why, and they said "in preparation for new road surfacing." So if you have some crumbling blacktop infront of you home, it will be resurfaced in a few months.
Got word from neighbors this am that's there's just as much snow in GV and NC, and it's as pretty in both towns in the snow as you will ever see it. Might have to go let a latte and grab a window seat just for the experience. Sometimes I forget to "tourist" in my own town.


  1. cell phone service is definitely poor. We always keep our cells plugged when at home and go on deck to make a call then back inside to plug in.
    Your description of the snow sounds so nice....

  2. I've seen your foster dachshund, he is very cute. He barks at me when I come home, good protector. My boys hear him bark and they bark back. I'm sure you'll find him a good home soon.