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Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Way Stop/Chipping/Small Town

Sunday: did you see the CHP hanging around the 4 way stop by the store? He said there have been complaints of drivers running the 4 way stop signs at full speed, so we will be seeing some CHP down here to write tickets. You've been warned . . .

Well, to all of you who have neatly stacked brush out on the street, bad news. Looks like the chipping program won't be funded this year (heard from Chief David Ray). The CSHA is trying to look into an alternative to having to haul all the way to Mc Courtney dumps. This is looking to be another dry year, and fire hazard will be high. We're all going to have to find a way to get the stuff chipped or removed to reduce the danger.

I went to Farmers Insurance by SPD to pay a bill, and the receptionest said, "hey, Wanda (Mertons) has chickens and too many eggs. Want to buy a dozen fresh eggs for $1.50?" Had to pass cause I just got some, but I'll be back. Anyway, love the small town feel of that. AAA in the Bay Area never offered me eggs.

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