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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Are you a gelato fan? I love the stuff. In case you don't know much about it, I think it's WAY better than ice cream. It is dense and flavorful, and doesn't have all the air like ice cream. Lucky for me , Java John's on Broad Street has a good selection, and real interesting flavors. Be sure and stop there and try it when you're needing a quick sweet fix. It's the only gelato I've found locally.
Do you ever go to the shop behind Bonanza Market? I think it's Bonanza Gifts (between Broad and Spring St). When I was a child, my grandmother took us kids to San Francisco ChinaTown. We would be given a few bucks to shop. Oh my, what treasures you could buy in ChinaTown. Well, this shop is like that. Dolls, bowls, bamboo back scratchers, art supplies, chinese cooking ingredients, straw flip flops, etc, etc, etc. The little old man that runs the store barely speaks English, but has a great way of communicating, mostly with excited eyes and a big smile (his family used to own the market). Last time the hubby and I were in, he taught us how to use an abacus (SP?) the world's original "digital" computer. I almost got it! Stop by, and I dare you to leave emptyhanded. (I always buy the mini cans of coconut milk. Just the perfect amount to make peanut sauce chicken!) The owner get's so excited when a customer comes in. He really makes you feel appreciated.

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  1. Thank God you're blogging again! Why am I finding out just now about Jenna?