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Friday, March 27, 2009


I spoke with my friend Lisa, whose job it is to drive around the Bay Area fixing woodwork and furniture on-site.  Her constant companion is Luna, her beloved 60 lb black lab.  Luna sits shotgun in the 2 seater truck, going from job to job.  2 weeks ago the unthinkable happened.  The two were hit in a head-on collision going 50 mph, with the lane tresspasser also going 50. Yep, that's like hitting the old brick wall at 100mph.  Lisa, saved by the airbag was injured and required knee surgery, but after a few initial scares, will be ok. What happens to a 60 lb dog in a collision like that?  Not a thing in this instance, as Luna is ALWAYS secured with a Pet Auto Safety Vest Harness ($17-$36 depending on style).  It is a harness that clips into the regular seat belt system.  She was lying on the seat, and the combination of systems left her unscathed.  She spent the rest of the day riding around with animal control and was back with the family the next morning.  So, think about that the next time you put Rover in the car untethered.  Do you love your dog, and do you not want a 60 lb projectile hitting you in the head or flying though the windshield?  You can get the harness at better pet stores, or check Hunter K9 Gear.  

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  1. thanks for the write up, denise! looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the game!!