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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Perusing 2 weeks of the Union/Wildflowers

Still catching up from 10 days in Oregon, then 2 in Bay Area. The only article in the Union concerning Cascade Shores was Mar. 24th when a RABID skunk attacked 2 dogs on Summit Ridge Dr. at 2:30 am. Though the dogs had their shots, one that got bit still had to be quarantined for 30 days just to be sure . . . . So make sure your best friend has his/her boosters up to date. My vet (Mother Lode) has a low cost clinic 1st Sat. of each month if you need to save $. I've only seen a skunk here once in 10 years. We have them in the back yard almost daily in the Bay Area. The weiner dog has been skunked there at least 5 times (weiner's never learn.) But never bitten . . . . Scary. They say if you see a skunk in daytime be very wary. They are mostly nocturnal, and if out in daytime they may be sick . . . .
Paper says it's a great year for wildflowers due to the great rains. So take a trip to Bridgeport to the Buttermilk Trail. You can go guided or self-guided. It's such a beautiful hike along the Yuba. One of the best trails in the county.

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