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Monday, October 26, 2009

Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim

Just caught up on 2 weeks of the Union paper. The story about the wandering Bison's, another "only in Nevada County" is particularly interesting. Now, if you haven't read up on this, here is short version ala the "Union": Rancher in Grass Valley has a daddy, mommy and baby Bison, (aka, Buffalo). Daddy Bison dies from parasites. Mommy and Baby, along with Donkey, go "over the wall" presumably looking for Daddy Bison (I guess Bison's don't understand the finanity of death, unlike elephants). Anyway, they go for a walkabout. A few days later, a neighbor in Alta Vista sites all 3 in her yard, and calls authorities (musta been a strange sight). Donkey is rounded up, bison's escape (Donkey-0, Bisons-2). More days go by, with the whole county on the look-out. Bison owner considers hiring a "tracker" to locate and shoot Bisons, as he feels they may be an insurance liability (900 lbs of grieving Bison could mean trouble to innocent hiker.) Caring neighbor of bison owner, who spent 4 1/2 months bonding with and hand feeding Bisons offers to purchase (missing) animals, and locates another rancher with a herd of similiar critters to take in mom and baby. Negotiations ensue. After rainstorm, mommy & baby bison show up back at the ranch (usassisted, like a couple of homing pidgeons). Caring neighbor comes over to make arrangements to move her bisons to the "herd" and is met with a slaughter house truck/driver, who claims to be there only to "support" rancher. Cops are called, and everyone is ordered to freeze frame until courts can settle ownership issue (both rancher and neighbor claim to have rights of ownership). Somehow, in the midst of negotations, the price of bison went from $1100 to $4000. Whew. So, in the words of Rodney King, "can't we all just get along." Yes, birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and herd animals need to be part of a herd. Rancher, please let Mommy and Baby Bison live with a herd they can call their own. This is not rocket science. If you care out there, throw your 2cents worth in a letter to editor at the Union, or better yet, to Sammies Friends, which is apparently trying to help raise the funds needed to purchase the two.
They could probably use some $ to help. Shooting or eating the darlings just seems wrong, donchathink?

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