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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Need that last minute Halloween costume? Go to Solstice

We got a call from an old friend of Phil's, and the friends daughter recently opened a vintage clothing/furniture/seasonal stuff store on Pine St. in NC (across from Yabobo) called Solstice. We went to see the shop. Laura had similar shops in Jackson, Ca (another goldrush town on hwy 49 southerly) and really has a knack at this stuff. WHAT A GREAT SHOP. She has tons of new and vintage (used) fun, pretty and interesting items. Right now she has tons of costume/halloween stuff for the season, and really reasonably priced.
She purchases your clothing/jewelry items for cash, or gives store credit. I highly recommend the place. God luck Laura, Nevada City needed you! She also refurbushed this beautiful space. Be sure to notice the perfectly refinished original floors.

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