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Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling abused by your cell phone company?

I have to share this. We have had Sprint cell service for about 4 years. I have NEVER been able to use the thing in the house, and rarely can catch a good signal in the yard. Nonetheless, I kept paying that $63 a month to "not use my phone." It really is an emergency/out of town phone. But I have felt really stupid about it for about 2 years, since we use about 60 minutes a month, thereby paying about $1.05 a minute. Kinda like writing that check to the Gym, but never actually going to the Gym. Anyway, I just said "hasta la vista" to Sprint, and bought a Tracfone. You go to their website, order a phone and kit (all the little charging and headset goodies) for about $29.99. Depending on what deal they are offering, they may also include for free a "double minutes plan" or you might have to pay a little extra for that. Then, you pre-purchase minutes for about 10cents a minute. You can transfer your old number (make it very clear that you want to do that). Everytime you buy minutes (like a 60 min card) they will automatically double them (60 = 120). When you get low on minutes, you buy more, via your phone, internet, or buy a card at radio shack, walmart, or wherever they carry. OK, the best part, IT WORKS EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE! I think it's because they contract with many service providers, so you're bound to catch a signal. BRILLIANT. I WUV MY TRACFONE. Buying one for my techno challenged mother too. OOOOOH, who else can I buy one for?????? So fun. . . .

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