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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Service Provider List/power outage

Don't forget to check our service provider list on main page if you are needing auto repair, home repair, housecleaning, tree service, ect. It's always helpful to be able to call someone from within Cascade Shores to get the job done. The list was just updated and a few new providers added.
High-tailed it home yesterday from the Bay Area to find power out here. Tree down on Quaker Hill Cross Road took it out. Power restored at 12pm today. Ice Cream mushy. That's the worst of the damage. This is a fairly warm storm. Snow good for building snowmen and igloos. Chris, Cathy and Jaden over on Nugget have been slaving for 2 days, and have made a pretty cool igloo.
Hill is passable. No ice, just snow. About 8" on the ground right now.

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