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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Fourseats will get replaced this year (at least). Folks not rerunning are Caroline Inglis (secretary) Annette Murphy (member at large), Kent Rees (president) and yours truly, Denise Cain, (goddess of the lake, a/k/a Lost Mine Lake mgr). Residents in the running are Chuck Jaffe, Larry Marvin, Pam Herrenkohl and Sharon Hogan. Incumbents are John Jiminez, (treasurer) Robert Crabb (VP), Harry Wander, (roads) and Mike Iglis (security patrol). I will update you on when ballots will be mailed. If you are interested in the process, CSHA meets on the first Wed of the month, 6:30 at the Firehouse. Peggy Davidson of NID (which owns and manages Scott's Flat Lake) will be there.
Yippee, it's snowing (but so far not sticking). My ther-mo-meter reads 35, but it feels like 20!
I'm back. It's 2:10pm, and the snow is definitely sticking. Big Hill getting covered. Guessing it's even heavier on BQH Crossroad. Careful out there!

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