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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here I sit, with an embarrassment of riches, whining about taco's, when the news comes of a 7.4 earthquake in the impossibly impoverished country of Haiti. Real life, real tragedy, and only 700 miles from our shores.
Picture a football stadium, full to capacity with men, women and children, all parents, grandparents, children, couples and singles. Now close your eyes, and picture them all dead,
x 2. Parents, grandparents, children, couples and singles. Pictures your favorite city, Nevada City, Sacramento, San Francisco, Berkeley. Now pictures 1 out of 3 of the buildings completely destroyed, with it's inhabitants crushed to death, or hopelessly buried beneath, trying desperately to stay alive until help arrives. Imagine, if you even can, that these are your family members, your neighbors and shopkeepers, that this is your city. Now review your resources, and see how many dollars you can spare to help the Haitians. Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity are two wonderful organizations collecting and helping.
On Saturday I stopped at Florio's Speciality Shop on Mill street to grab my favorite Fig Basamic vinegar. When I went to the counter to pay, the owner, a very young man named Neil let me know that ALL SALES for the day would be donated to Red Cross for Haiti. What an extraordinarily generous gesture for a new business owner to make. Thanks Neil for your caring and sharing. (I actually saw a report of this on the news later that night. Someone noticed).

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