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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whah, where will I get my fish taco's now?????

I was walking by my FAVORITE mexican food restaurant the other day, Tortilla Grill, and saw the chairs being removed and loaded into a flatbed truck. ?????. Then I asked Dixie (who knows all) and she said that due to a "change in marital status" the owner, Andrew, has put the Commercial St. and GV Highway stores up for sale. I guess they will not be operating while on the block. Bummer. In my opinion, they had the best food and business plan in their catagory (being fresh, good, cheap food with a great casual atmosphere). Wish he'd reconsider.
Friday begins the Wild and Scenic film festival. It's our little "Sundance Film Festival." Great nature, adventure and state of our food industry films, etc. Some as short as 5 min, as long at maybe 1 hour. If you have never been, try. It's great. Later, you can rent the films from Syrcle office on Main St.
OXYGEN BAR. OMG! Dropped by there last night with the Inglises. It is in the bldg that hangs over Deer Creek at the foot of Broad St. What a great place. First of all, don't be fooled by the small storefront. The business is actually about 4 rooms, each offering a different twist. One is a great big room with a coffee, tea, smoothie, bagle bar, (+++++) with wifi and a great assortment of newpapers to peruse. Also offers outside creekview tables. Then there is a relaxing room, with 6 FULL LENGTH massage loungers and a BIG ol' screen. You pay by the minutes for massage chairs and the option of oxygen, and I'll bet 15 minutes in one of those chairs would make you a new person. Must try soon. It even massages your calves! All the while you can choose a relaxing nature film, or bump it all the way up to snowboarding scenes, your choice (think suicide scene in Soylent Green, but in a good way!). The staff is friendly and helpful. We immediately felt like family. What a great place to meet up with folks and just hang comfortably while making plans. Great choices of snackies too, and all really fresh ingredients. Check it out! If we don't use these great places, they disappear.
Snow predicted for next week. We'll see! Oops, just looked up and saw a few flakes land on skylight!

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