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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Doggie Personalities

Dixie dropped off her golden lab, Jackson today. I take care of alot of neighbors dogs, and each time they arrive, I have to recall their "pecularities." Now, Jackson is afraid of hardwood floors, and shiny bowls. Soooo, I have to bring out the throw rugs so he can traverse the living/dining rooms. He WILL NOT eat out of a shiny bowl, so I round up another ceramic bowl for his meals.
Frankie the beagle has a passion for squeaky toys, and will search every floor (all 4) of our house looking for a toy with a working squeaker, then run laps around the yard making it squeak until tackled and removed from his mouth. He also loves to corner the cats, so I have to remember to shut doors when he's around. Beautiful Bonnie the dalmatian gets 3 or 4 walks a day by her doggy daddy, Kent. When she comes to stay, she makes no bones about telling me it is time for her walk by pacing, sighing, and bumping me until I grab the leash, 3 or 4 times a day! Jasper the Aussie is a quiet and blends in to the point I forget he is here, until he helps himself to a large slice of our bed at bedtime. We always go for a long unleashed run in the woods or to explore little lake. When he is returned to Susan, he spends a good 10 minutes "talking" to her to tell her about his great time. He just gurgles and barks and rocks and paws his way thru the whole story. Duffy the shepherd is a perfect lady, quiet and polite, takes her treats quiet daintily, and attaches herself to me like a leach, (a very pretty leach). In the evening, she prefers to go to her comfy crate with her banky and her special "baby." When Carol and Bill pick her up, she always turns and cocks her pretty head as if to say, "thank you so much for the hospitality." Josie the border collie just hates to be separated from her people, Terry and Pete. She spends the first day laying by the gate, willing them to return for her. Then she makes herself a corner in our bedroom, and passes the days sleeping and dreaming of them returning. I have to coax her out for a walk, and once she tricked me and jumped out of the car and ran home. After a few days she relents, and joins the family and the other dogs for snuggling on the sofa during tv, and sharing special treats. However, her heart is always at home. For sure, every one of them is wonderful in their own way, and bring joy and comfort to their families. I love my sign that says, "Lord, please help me be half the person my dog thinks I am."

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  1. do you accept cats?? i'm going to mexico at the end of march, and my sister already usurped my uncle's pet sitting services.