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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Have you heard about the 700lb black bear terrorizing Incline Village? He is reported by wildlife officials to be a "food junkie, knows a bear trap when he sees one, shakes off bullets like they were mosquito bites, and KEEPS COMING BACK." He broke into one garage and opened the fridge and feasted on frozen pizza and frozen chicken." He sauntered nonchalantly away when animal control officers came, but then returned every hour on the hour till 4 am, resuming his binge eating. He is reported to leave a humongous smelly deposit as a kind of a calling card. Bad bear. The Wildlife folks are gunning for him, literally. No witness relocation program for Bearzilla. They say he's gotta go.
He has also figured out to smash out panels on garage doors in order to break and enter. Musta been a cat burglar in his last life . . .
Can you ever remember such a snowless winter? By my count we have had exactly ONE snowfall, and that snow was rained away in 2 days. Days are getting longer, (misnomer, all days being exactly 24 hours long) and warmer as we move closer to the sun. Global warming, or just a dry year? Hope it picks up, or we're gonna have a scary fire season . . . . .my friend in Florida just emailed me that he's freezin his butt off, and it's too cold to golf out there. Weird.
Did you hear all the sea lions left pier 39 in SF a few weeks ago? Just up and left one day. News reported a herd of about 300 showed up a Sea Lion caves on Oregon coast a few days ago. They think it's the same herd. I just can't imagine Pier 39 with those howling, honking, squabbling comics. I can watch them for hours, they are so funny.
Saw that Dixie gave her movie reviews on her blog. She did not mention "The Blindside." What a wonderfully satisfying movie, with a great message. Sandra Bullock gave a great performance, as did the kid playing Michael Oher (albeit, he was as understated as she was the over the top force-to-be-reckoned-with). We're all here to get through life as best we can, so why not give each other a hand? You don't have to be a football fan or Sandra Bullock fan to love this movie.

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