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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy whatever

Phil and I went to Mike and Caroline Inglis for New Years Eve. The debate of night was, "is it Two-thousand-ten, or twenty-ten? I dunno. It was Nineteen-ninty-nine, then two-thousand-one, so while either will work, what are you going to use (the new movie is Twenty-twelve, right?) Weigh in on this one, will ya?
I always like to share great service stories. We called an electrician in to wire a pool table lamp (which is a giant pain to get even and straight). Well, it also turned out to be a wiring installation nightmare. Thankfully, Contractor Brian Harrison gave me the number of Dave Wood, of Dave's Electric in Grass Valley. He came out New Years Eve day and started the job, then returned today (Sat) to finish. I won't go into details, but it required a ton of patience and expertise to navigate this Winchester House and get the job done, and Dave had both. I highly recommend Dave. Plus, he will drive out here to the Shores to consult/bid for no charge. You can reach him at 530-265-8319. Of course he is licensed.
I did not make it to the big lake to watch the Polar Bear Club do their annual dip. The Union reported about 40 people participated. Brave souls! Personally, I celebrated in my warmest jammies and yes, more baked goods. I gotta change my lifestyle . .
After listening to the umpteenth "BOWL" game emanating from the TV over the past few weeks, I had to chuckle at the newspaper cartoon showing a guy wearing a Tee shirt emblazoned with "Damn, I gotta get a life BOWL." What ever happened to the good old days of 2 or 3 bowl games per season????????? I think Phil watched every single one . . . . . .

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