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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did, despite the no show snow. It was crisp and beautiful here. So nice, in fact, that on Christmas Eve we were at Lost Mine Lake for a mean game of horseshoes. Brought the dog tribe with us (5 dogs that if you threw in a napsack together wouldn't weigh more than 50 lbs) and mixed it up with some new and old neighbors. Lots of family and friends dropped in over the holidays, and Santa was generous. Thanks again to all my neighbors who shared their holiday baking with us. Amazing goodies. I had no problem eating baked goods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fun. So glad I hid the scale. Note to Dixie, you know that 50 lbs you lost? I found it. . . . .
Did you know that this New Years Eve there will be a "blue moon?" That means it is the 2nd full moon to appear in the same month. Happens every 20 year or so, the last one being 1990. Enjoy. It's supposed to be very bright, though not actually blue. Happy New Year ya'll!
No word on the status of the General Store, but I checked the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) site and looks like the beer/wine license is still "pending." Guess they won't open till that's in order. . . . .
The first CSHA meeting of 2010 is this coming Wednesday at Firehouse, 6:30. Still looking for candidates for the board. If you are interested, come on down to the meeting. Joanne Drummond will be speaking about a firesafe plan for the perimeter of Cascade Shores.
Looks like property is starting to sell again in CS. I have noticed 4 sale signs coming down, and families moving in. I guess prices are finally "right."
According to the Union, the wandering buffalo story had a happy ending. The owner graciously donated the mother and daughter to a "hobby herd." It must have been a difficult and painful decision, but fortunately he put the animals first. Good karma will come to you Gary. Godbless.


  1. Speaking of new neighbors, may I introduce us? We are Bob and Gail Schulz and Brian Schulz and Jack Lakes, his partner. We are at 16016 Mountain View. Live in the Bay Area and are enjoying our new family second home. You may see some of us walking Lilli, the standard poodle.

    Gail Schulz

  2. Welcome Bob, Gail, Brian and Jack Lakes. I'll bet you got the cute yellow house with detached garage, right? Great "curb appeal." I'll keep an eye out. Lilli will be the only poodle in the neighborhood, so you should be easy to spot. Feel free to drop by put a face to the name. We are on the corner of Pasquale and BQH, cyclone fenced.