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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OK, I caved, and joined Facebook

I tell ya, even at 56 you can cave to peer pressure. I just felt soooo left out. No, actually, my friend Sue was looking for a venue that we could play scrabble on, (she lives in Aptos) and I heard you can do through FB, so I joined. Like I stated on my profile, it feels like just one MORE room to clean (I gotta maintain email, which by the way has, like 4800 unread messages, and I never clean house there) and my blog (always feeling guilty when I don't write in it, even though only, I don't know, something like FOUR of us read it) and now I'll have to monitor FB. Well, actually, by error, I sent an invite to EVERYONE in my much outdated and 13 year old phonebook on yahoo, (I'm sure some folks in it don't know they are still there, and probably would be deleted if they had their way), so a little egg on my face there (great first move D). Yet, low and behold, I got something like 24 new friends in the first 24 hours (ooooh, 1 friend per hour) and that was a total surprise. So, I'm still feeling my way around the site, but gleaned some interesting "factoids" already about long lost friends and acquaintances. So, quite the powerful network I guess. I'll keep you posted (all 4 of you) on how many friends I accumulate in the first 30 days. I guess this is the 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon (except, in Nevada County it seems to be 1 degree). Here we go!

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  1. I finally broke down as well. I started a facebook page about 2 weeks ago. I was truly AMAZED at how quickly I accumulated friends. I know you and I have never met, but I would gladly accept your friend request. Us "Shores Girls" (I like the way it looks capitalized) have to stick together. What do you think?

    Kristi on Mountain View Drive