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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you all 11 readers

OK, two big events. I have had responses from 11, yes, countem, 11 kind/bored people who read my blog (and one has even gotten hooked on, frikin funnest woman ever) cause of me, SO THANK YOU ALL FOR ANSWERING. I figure there must at least another half dozen who read but didn't respond, so thanks to them too. The overall comment I got is that folks read by blog to get news about the shores. I have been rambling lately, as there has been no real news in the shores, but when there is, I'll be right there telling you what I know. I'll even jazz it up as I feel appropriate.
Now second, confession. I joined facebook (after much pressure from friends pretty much calling me out-of-touch with the 21st century if I didn't) and the first faux pas I committed was accidentally inviting EVERYONE in the 200 list mailbox to join with me! I have not done any housekeeping in my mailbox for about 13 years, so god only know who got an invite from me. No doubt some people who thought/hoped I had fallen off a cliff years ago. Anyway, seems I have inspired about 10 old/new friends and some barely acquaintances to join. Go figure. So welcome all you new facebook participants. It appears to be a pretty good stalking tool, yes? I only wanted to join to play scrabble with my friend Alva in Oakland and Sue in Aptos. But if anyone else is interested, let the games begin!


  1. Now you can list 12 people that have read your blog today. It sadden me to find out when you invited me to join Facebook, (I was already a member by the way), I was only 1 of 200 contacts in your address book. Until I read your blog I thought I was special, now I know I am only .5% special.

    Love you Denise, miss the old days going to the saloons near OPD, in the 70s.

  2. you are sooo much more than 5% special. I still chuckle about those days too. What happens in Oakland STAYS in Oakland.