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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amazing Deer sighting

Went to Bridgeport with Sue, hiked the Buttermilk Trail, which takes you about 100 ft above the Yuba River. It was so hot we decided to take a trail down to the river to cool off and let Jasper the dog have a drink. While we were basking on boulders, we sighted a very young deer jump right into the river about 200 yds up stream. The water is COLD AND FAST, and we watched in dread as the young doe approached the rapids. I could not imagine she could survive the wicked white ice water. Low and behold, when she got to the drop off, she tucked in and rode it out, disappearing below the water for about 5 seconds, then popping up just in time to swim sideways to a beach area. She then jumped out, shook off, and leaped up the steep hillside. It was AMAZING. What a pro. I don't think she had any doubt, but we were holding our breath the whole time. When we hiked back to the main trail, a group of concerned hikers asked what happened to her, as they had seen her enter the water to avoid them on the trail, but couldn't make her out in the water. We were happy to report she made it safely back to solid ground. Whew!
The wildflowers are just starting to show at Bridgeport. Couple of more weeks. Did you notice that the daffodils are in bloom on Hwy 49. You know, my friend Lynn Donald of Indian Hills Flower Farm started that daffodil planting program many years ago. Every year when I see them pop their sunny heads up I think of her. Thank you Lynn!