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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I know it's still officially winter, but

spring is literally in the air. Walked out into the yard at 7pm 2nite, and definitely smelled bloomin flowers coming from somewhere around the neighborhood. I'm off to Bridgeport tomorrow to hike the Buttermilk trail, where I am hoping at least some of the wildflowers are showing their face.
Went to the Google rally Sunday with Dixie (her wearing the cook GOLD lady ga-ga wig, so easy to spot). Had lots of time to see who/what's new in Nevada City. Cheese shop on commercial shop gone, used kids clothing coming in. Tortilla Grill gone, Kabob's taking it's place. Fresh fish shop opening on Pine St (across from Pine St. Cafe). The owner is a guy I went thru grammer, jr, high and high school in El Cerrito with, Eric Juell. This is his 2nd store. The other is off Whispering Pines in GV.
Still no word on when the Cascade Shores Store will re-open, but the word I got from the realtor is they will hire "local."
Caroline and Mike Inglis are planning a trip to Israel end of month. They are taking their grandkids, Ash and Isabel to see their Dad, who is living there for the time being. Have a great trip Inglis family! Charlotte and Larry Starns survived their trip to South America. Apparently they landed on the day of the quake in one of the heavily affected areas, and had to be bussed out, as the runways were wrecked by the quake. Scary stuff.

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