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Friday, March 18, 2011

No Water Service in Cascade Shores

update: it's 10am sat morn in the Shores, and we got 18" of snow overnight. Calm now. I have not seen the plow this am (heard it last night about 11pm). Lights and water are on! enjoy your weekend. The next storm should move in later on Sunday, with high winds and more precipitation.
Well, at about 8am the water disappeared. Seems someone (??????) went out of their way to drive 8 ft. off the pavement at the store intersection to hit the ONLY fire hydrant I've ever even noticed around there. NID is telling you it's fixed, and they are waiting for pressure to build to return service to your home, but the workers have brought in a digger and they tell me it will be another few hours before we have service again . . . .
Dixie just called. She says it's spittin' snow out there. Hope it's a light one.
The Womens Club hobby/dessert day last Wed. was totally fun. It was amazing to see all the beautiful and complex arts created by locals. I marvel at their talent. From intricate lost-art type of sewing (Jan Guevel) really creative scrapbooking/cards (Carol Carter) knitting (Anna Rees) basket weaving (Karen Hatton) and prize winning quilts (Judy). Linda Lumos brought her wedding cakes album and a beautiful tuscan design wedding cake (fake, but amazing) and if I am forgetting someone, I am sorry. Karen Lari brought her enchilada's, and so many wonderful deserts that I'll have to turn myself back into Weight Watchers. Nicely done! The club is planning an outing to a local production of The King and I, and a visit to the Tulip/Daffodil garden tour of Ananda Village in April. See their calendar on

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