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Monday, March 21, 2011

PLEASE, help the dog running loose on BQHill

All day I've been watching a little pitty (very small) run up and down Quaker Hill in front of my house (The big hill stretch). She/He is lost and confused, and very wet and very scared. I tried to catch, but she runs. If you see her/him and can possibly pull over, maybe you can catch and deliver to the shelter???? I know it's alot to ask, but if nothing else, you might be helping someone else avoid an accident. The dog is running in the middle of the road!
I have never seen so many variations in weather in one day! Snow, rain, sleet, snow, more rain, hail. People are still going up and down the hill (way too fast), but I imagine it will be icy soon. Be careful out there!
Mike Inglis (yes, security guy Mike) was coming back to the Shores from town on Friday, and stopped on Pasquale to help a disabled car. When he got done, he realized he had dropped his cell phone on the road. Problem was, the plow had gone by, and swept his phone away with the snow. I swear, no good deed goes unpunished. So, if by chance you find a cell phone on the right side (going to NC) it's Mikes, 265-9147. Ya never know!

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