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Monday, March 21, 2011

still snowing, but power has stayed on

Wow, this is nice. All systems working. Big Hill is clear and I'm watching cars go up and down.
Pasquale was clean down to asphalt yesterday. Plow has been working since the wee hours. As of 11am, white stuff still coming down . . .

Pam Herenkohl mentioned citing a momma bear and her two cubs in the snow yesterday. I guess they are not hibernating anymore. Hope they can find enough food to move around. Don't know about you all, but I'm ready for spring. . . .

Dixie and Roberts party was well attended at the National yesterday. They have such a far reaching and eclectic group of friends here in Nevada County. The Rotarians (Rotary Club) Kawani's, local politicians, shopkeepers, musicians and writers. Nice to see the two Robert L. Crabbs together. There really are two! This community is so interesting, with so many kind and caring residents, not to mention fun loving!
Robert described Nevada City as "an adult playground" as opposed to the youth oriented society they are returning to in So. Cal. I think that's a great description.
As a baby boomer, I really appreciate the opportunities to join a group no matter what your interests, as all interests are represented somewhere here. Upcoming meetings I am planning to join are Garden Goddesses (organic and herbal gardening group) and Shera Banbury's "thinktank" about women and economics at the Briarpatch meeting room on April 6th. With so many people taking advantage of the real estate market and buying rental/vacation property, I wonder if there is a "landlord" group, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel to get started in investment real estate. Know of one? If not, I guess it's time to start one! Wow, Landlord. What an archaic term. How about "housing/owner provider."

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