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Monday, May 21, 2012

Friends of Gary are planning a event at LML for friends of Gary

Pam Herrenkohl would like all to know that a potluck/bbq will be held in Gary's honor Saturday, June 2nd at 3pm.  That man sure loved a good BBQ!  So please come and remember Gary with friends and neighbors.  I'm sure the horseshoes will be flying, along with the funny and warm stories.  Thanks for the comments on this blog.  We all have memories we would like to share, and this would be a great place to share them.
There is a meeting at the Firehouse this Wed. regarding sewer issues.  As you may know, 83 of the 400 or so homes in the shores are serviced by their own sewer plant in Gas Canyon.  It's a long story that you probably already know . . . but if you have interest in the status quo, be at the firehouse 5/30 at 7pm.
I learned alot at the annual CSHA meeting, which I'll try to recall. One thing comes to mind is that if you have Surburban Propane, they have a summer college student program, in which they hire kids to paint their tanks.  SO, if your tank is looking grungy (mine sure is) you can call the GV office and they will FOR FREE send a kid to clean and paint your tank.  Nice.
The Garden Tour was fabulous this year.  Every year I am a bit apathetic about my yard, then I go on the tour and get COMPLETELY ENERGIZED.  Everything is just leapin' out of the ground right now.  Gotta love spring here.  We live for 6 months in a black and white photo, then it just POPS into color like the movie PLEASANTVILLE.  The dogwoods are spectacular this year.  Enjoy.
Waited a week for the solar eclipse, then completely forgot.  Here I was on the sofa about 5:30 when it suddenly got real dark in the yard, and still it didn't jog my one functioning memory cell.  Oh well.  Did you  see it?  Was it fab?

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