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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall is here and it is absolutely gorgeous in the Shores

Just a beautiful, peaceful, colorful Fall day here.  My 3 dogs seem to know that summer is over, as they are lazing about at all times, only demanding one walk a day (slowly going into hibernation mode).
Nights and mornings chilly, neighbors are scrambling to gather their winter wood.  Remember Daves's Sierra Firewood if you're short . . . . and Nevada County has a program if you are low income and need assistance with wood.  Volunteers deliver it for you.
Did I mention that Lost Mine Lake is soooooo low because it is being drained?  The Homeowners has decided to drain it a bit and then remove alot of the algae and plant life that is taking over.  Certainly hope this does not affect the eco balance of that sweet little lake.  It sure needs dredging and muck removal in certain parts.  It get's more shallow each summer.  The bottom is trying to reach for the sky.  All ponds try to turn themselves back into a meadow, it's evolution. Hope they can preserve that sweet little lake for us.
 I also personally hope that CSHA would open up the area more for dogs during the "off season."  Since there are not barefoot babes running around, and if owners are responsibly picking up after their pets, I don't see why the dogs can't enjoy it during the non summer months.  Beats the area being completely unused.  Dogs are people too.  When I was managing it for 4 years, I didn't enforce the "no dog" rule during off season.  What do you think?  Worth bringing up at a monthly meeting?
Womens Club can use some help with the Halloween Party.  Call Jan Guevel if you can help.
Here is the plea I go from her: The local kids really love this party.  Cumon ya'll, help with the festivities.  You'll really enjoy yourself, I promise!

Hello All,
The Halloween Party is Oct. 26th and I have not had many people volunteer to help Linda.  We only have three people stepped  forward to decorate on the 25th, 4 people to bring treats
one for Saturday set-up, two for clean-up after the party and none to help with cookie decorating and games.  COME ON LADIES, PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE.  

Jan Guevel
(530) 265-2435
Don't forget to fill you propane tanks while it's still cheap!  You can take your portable tanks to the Surburban Office for a quick fill too.  They are up by the Grass Valley airport off Loma Rica (off Brunswick).

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