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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pascale Fusshoeller, YubaNet Founder, Illegally in Nev. County 15 years

Wow, Friday and Saturdays Union paper was covering the story that Pascale has been in the US WOP (with out papers) for 15 years.  She was unfortunately pulled over by CHP for a "Hollywood Stop" as we used to call it and tried to claim she was Susan Levitz, the woman she recently married (they have been a couple for 15 years.  Finally they could marry.)  CHP didn't buy it, and took her in for impersonating another person.  She was charged with a felony.  (Note to self, make a complete stop at stop signs).

You can't travel in the "who know's who/whom" circle around here without knowing Pascale and Susan. Pascale parks herself at every City Hall meeting, Supervisor meeting, gallery opening - garage opening.  I'm sure she knows every Nevada City policeman by his/her first name and how many kids he/she has, every Supervisor and Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Councilman's and pretty much anyone who has any political links.  She does not go by an alias, and she is"hiding" in plain sight at all times.  Her wife, Susan,  is the sister of Bill Levitz, a Gold Country Realtor that lived here in the shores for many years, and sold a good many of the homes here.  Pascale and Susan founded, an online publication, long before that type of news vehicle was known to most.  It is a great, incisive, informative read, that has the BEST fire news (award winning, in fact) and local news, plus national and world.  Just two very smart chicks running a news site from their lovely home on the Yuba River.  It's a mystery for sure why Pasquale never straightened out her immigration status, since she is a right smart woman.  However, the authorities trying to put her on the next plane back to her country of citizenship, Luxemborg (a small country of 555,000 people near France, so roughly 5 times the population of Nevada County) where she has not lived for 15 years, and has no family or friends. If you know Pascale, and think this needs to be reexamined and she should be allowed a hearing, please send a letter to:
 U.S. Senator BarbaraBoxer.,  Pasquale has been a huge friend to Nevada County, and it would be nice if we returned the favor.  Fewgawdsakes, the woman deserves a hearing at the very least . . . In the meantime, has gone dark. I'm pretty sure she wasn't plotting to overthrow the government.  The Republican's are already doing that (joke).

follow up:  Pascale released today 10/16.  Lots of work to do, but at least she's not being treated like a convicted person.  Hopefully she get's a hearing, and the current laws will help.  She is legally married to a US Citizen, and it's not a "green card" marriage, since they've been a couple for 15 years.  My 2cents.


  1. “It's a mystery for sure why Pasquale never straightened out her immigration status”

    No it isn’t. Not to any one who has gone through the US Immigration process. I came here from England 3 yrs ago. For me the process took nearly 2 yrs. It was expensive and personally intrusive, but that, apparently, is as quick and easy as it gets. I married a US citizen. A year after our marriage we were investigated again and 6 months after that I was given permission to stay.
    Pascale never had this option because she had a same sex partner and until 4 months ago same sex marriages were not recognized.

  2. Pascale felt that she couldn't straighten it out without marrying. From what I read in The Union, the only other reason that she could get a green card is if she were the only one able to do her job. Ironic, since she is, kind of, but of course, she could never prove that no other journalist/geek in the US could do it. Until DOMA passed, she felt she had no option other to wait.

  3. Thanks for your viewpoint here. May we link it to the Let's Support Pascale FB page?

  4. Link away. When I said "it's a mystery" I meant that 15 years is along time to just leave it hanging in the wind, and I'm sure there are many reasons why she did so . . .. Immigration is certainly a sticky wicket, and doubly sticky if you aren't a mainstream hetro. Marriage is probably the one sure way to succeed, so the "mystery" is why papers wern't filed on the day after an official marriage takes place.
    Only Pascale and Susan know the answer to that. I wish them the best, and hope that the community support is helpful. Union poll was favorable (for what that's worth).