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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow accumulation as of Sat am

The trusty yard stick measured a total of 28" of snow at 11am. It was 22" last night. Power out at 10:15PM back on at 12:45am. We are lucky. Lots of people are without power in town. My high riding Nissan truck hasn't been dug out yet, and the snow if half way up the doors (today's the day).
The storm due 2nite is going to be packing high winds, so brace for possible power outages (we're making dinner right now, washing clothes and taking showers . . .) Some events in town for 2nite have been cancelled - check for updates. I've been seeing traffic on the hill, but I wouldn't chance it . . . heard a tree came down on Pasquale, but I believe it has been removed by now.
DUI's aren't funny, but did you read about the Truckee woman who hit and ran a car then got picked up 25 minutes later STILL driving her damaged truck while intoxicated. Her name? Denise DRINKS. OK, a little funny (no one hurt).
Stay warm and safe. Good night for candelight poker.

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