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Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow Arrived

It started snowing about 8pm Sunday night. Woke up to about 5" of brand new fluffy stuff, with just enough moisture to make killer know balls for the dog to catch. It's a winter wonderland again. I'll try to add a picture.
Watched the Grammy's last night. It was a classy show this year, with lots of variety in the live performances. Did you know that Barack Obama has received two grammy's for the readings of his books? I looked it up to see what other politicians have grammy's for readings. The list includes Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Who knew? There must be alot of catgories they don't mention on the awards program. Anyway, if you like this year's winners, look for a CD collection in the near future. They make one each year, and it's always my favorite to buy. It really captures the music history of the year.

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