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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First rattlesnake report of the season

Mike on Mt. View reports a "teenage" rattler on his property, which he reluctantly killed (you gotta protect the kids and pets, and yourself). He was wondering if there is an alternative to having to kill the snake, but that's a tough one. Anyway, be on the lookout. Don't go reaching into bushes and such without taking a look first. I had 2 wrapped around my garden hose once, and would not have seen them (they blended so well) had it not been for my trusty Doxie giving me a heads up (he loves to corner snakes, raccoons and skunks, and is a better mouser that either of my cats).
By the way, the best mix I have found for getting the oily stink off the dog when he gets skunk sprayed is 50/50 lemon joy and hydrogen peroxide. Mix and use a cloth loaded up with the stuff to wipe the sprayed area, then bathe the dog with a strong shampoo (I use a herbal scented organic shampoo). However, every time the dog gets wet again it will reactivate the smell . . . . ugh. I told you Harry likes to corner skunks. . . . . .

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