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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking for a new best friend? Why animal style???

Janis Johnson of CS has friends who found a "well trained, gentle mannered honey of a dog" up on Hwy 80 by Dutch Flat. He looks like a Portugese Water Dog (Obama's choice) but may be a Labradoodle (both much coveted breeds). Anyway, Janis's friend Peggy at 274-9242 would love a call from a deserving person looking for a wonderful new best friend. I have a picture but can't upload. He obviously has great character, judging from his handsome smile!
Mystery solved. You know how on the secret menu at IN And OUT BURGERS, grilled onions are referred to as "animal style?" Heard the reason on radio today. When surfers came in to an LA In & Out and ordered their burgers with grilled onions, the clean cut kids working the counter referred to the surfers as "animals." Hence, the grilled onion order became animal style. Did you also know that their is a biblical message on the bottom of the drink cups, and on the burger wrappers? That's because one of the higher-ups in the company is a Born Again Christian, and wanted the message spread, discreetly . . . . The author of a book on In & Out culture clued me in . . . . . .a whole book???????

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