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Friday, July 17, 2009

Why in Eugene, Ore?

A few have asked why I am in Oregon. Well, I am visiting with my sister Linda, who is about to have her 6th cancer operation. This one will hopefully restore her ability to walk (broken bones due to radiation therapy and bone density loss/cancer). My sister is amazing. She has been what most would view as totally disabled by the disease for the past 2 years, but was still working at her University job until a few weeks ago. She lives with her daughter and 4 grandchildren (ages 16, 14, 12, 10) and though they are all her primary caretakers, she still has great presence and contributes to their daily lives. Right now they are riding the waves in Oceanside, Ca, taking a well deserved break from caring for "Grammy." So we are having 10 wonderful days of "sister time," something that we hardly ever found time for during normal healthy days. Linda's spirits are high, and her expectations from the surgery hopeful, and every moment with her is precious. We watch movies, play games, and mostly discuss childhood and old times, but also current events, between her many daily naps. It is amazing how many calls and cards she receives daily from the wonderful people who have touched her life, and whose lives she has touched. I thank the powers that be than I have both time and health, and that this time with my sister is possible. I also have a wonderful husband that is at home taking care of all our "children"and holding down the fort.Publish Post
Life is grand.

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