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Sunday, November 29, 2009


WOW, were you here for the wind storm Saturday morn? It was blowin' as good as I've ever seen it. Power was out from about 8am till 2pm (thanks PG&E, you got things going quick considering). I haven't seen any big trees down in CS, but heard a few fell in town. There is however about 2" of evergreen branches all over the yard. I figure it's just God's way of telling me it's time to make wreaths! It was plenty freaky sitting in the house hearing the snapping of LARGE branches all morning. In contrast, today was calm with a beautiful gentle warm breeze stirring about. I was trying to do cleanup today, and came face to face with a beautiful doe, just 2 or 3 feet from me before we realized each other was there! There was a fence between us, but still, it was wonderful to be so close to such a beautiful girl. I have seen more wildlife in the past few weeks than I did all summer. Deer, bear, fox and wild turkeys. Be careful out there. Share the road (also with those kamikaze bike riders). The union reported 3 bears have been hit by cars in the Brunswinck/Idaho Maryland area recently. Sad for the bear, sad for the driver. Those bears can jump in front of your car faster than you think. Wouldn't hurt for us all to slow down . . .
It was a perfect day to put up Christmas lights, etc. and I stopped to watch Bill Carter putting his up (masterfully, of course). Walked by the store to see if I could catch the new owners . . . no one there yet. Talked to Carol Carter on the way back. Discussed the Christmas Party at the Firehouse on Dec. 12th. Santa will be there again. Be sure to bring the little ones. It's a great time for all, and good photo op. Always free, as sponsored by Cascade Shores Women's Club.

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