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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger, what up?

If you haven't turned on the news or read a paper in the past few days, you probably don't know that the usually "untouchable" Tiger Woods had a predicament at home last weekend. For unknown reasons, he left his estate at 2:30am in the Caddy SUV, and immediately hit a fire plug and a tree. His wife used a golf club to break the rear window and get the semi-conscious golfer out of the car. He's not talking. Which begs the questions, Tig, where ya going at 2:30, and why did wifie have a golf club in hand? On Rachel Maddow last night, a reporter put this out there: "Well, apparently the wife was mad about something, and went after him with a 4 iron. Tiger tried to flee. The cops asked him how many times the wife clobbered him. His reply, "I think 6 times, but put her down for 4." Best line I've heard yet. Golfers will get it . . . .

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