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Friday, December 4, 2009

Have you found Jesus?

No kidding, in the Union Prospector Thu. the Abundant Life Community Church reports that someone has taken the hand carved baby Jesus from their manger. They are hoping he will be returned by their Dec 2nd program. So, if anyone from ALCC asks if you've found Jesus . . . . .
Not that I want to help "cheaters" but really folks, in light of all the busted husbands lately, can someone come up with a "CHEATERS SURVIVAL GUIDE." Chapter 1 NO leaving messages on your girlfriends cell phone (that she can play over and over and over, to anyone!). Chapter 2: ONCE ON THE WEB, FOREVER OVER YOUR HEAD, The internet is NOT your friend. There is no "valtrex" for emails. Chapter 3: The obvious dangers of cheating on your Mistress, aka Hell has no wrath . . . . .Chapter 4: Cocktail waitresses, can they REALLY be trusted????? Chapter 5: Texting, aka Sexting, just DON"T go there (PS: see chapter 1). Chapter 7: NO, there is no "attorney/doctor/client type privilege between you and your HOOKER. I tell ya, it's a sad day when a Stanford Grad, a Governor and a former DA doesn't know any of this . . . . .
Brace yourself. Some weather predictors say we'll be getting snow Mon-Friday. Oh boy, White Christmas. Enjoy this weekend, dry but COLD. I love Victorian Christmas in the snow. Hope to see you there Wednesday. There also will be Victorian Christmas 2 Sundays this year, the 13th and 20th.

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